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Chaturbate.Com Token Hack– Free Daily Tokens

Chaturbate is a pretty good site if you wish to have a decent time with a private show. We are a team of coders with the desire to develop a hack for free chaturbate tokens. We tried to find a tool on the internet until we realized that there is not such tool, or at least not a working chaturbate.com token hack. Our team usually cracks small games for PC and for mobile and we really did not have the necessary skills at that time to create our own hack for chaturbate. We liked the idea and after long debates we decided to create our own private chaturbate hack to deliver for us free tokens. You can get yourself free chaturbate tokens from the chaturbate.com token hack official website where you can easily generate over 3.000 tokens per day.


Everything said and done, we finally managed to create a soft and reliable chaturbate com token hack which we were able to use without any problems. Eventually we had the idea of delivering it to the public so people could benefit from it and to not be greedy and keep it only for ourselves. The problem was that the site is so popular and a tool like this would be really used by a lot of people and it will not last for long. Despite that, we still wanted to create a better hack than ever before. After a lot of work and and dedication to our purpose we managed to come with the proper solution. We programmed the chaturbate com token hack to deliver only 1750 tokens per day. This amount is well established after various tests which made us to be 100% sure that anybody will stay safe using it. The program will last more by having this kind of limit.

chaturbate com token hack

Now we are proud to say that a new era of hacks has been born and several hacks has been created using this approach of a daily limit. This takes the whole hacking area to a new level. Some hackers agree with it, and some not. They say that the main idea of hacking is that there should be no limits. Since is harder and harder to make this possible we have to move further and the success of the chaturbate progam proves that we did go in the right direction. We are sure that most of the people will embrace the idea. I mean… better have less free tokens than none at all right? Delivering free unlimited tokens this chaturbate.com token hack would be easily detected and patched. Now it can be used without any problems and we are proud of our creation.

Chaturbate.Com Token Hack Video Demonstration

Before you start using our chaturbate com token hack please read the followings:
1. Do not add more than 1750 free tokens no matter what is your currency. We recommend to add another 1750 ONLY after 24 hours. This will keep our chaturbate hack 100% secure and your account 100% safe
2. The program  may not work from the first try, you will have to try again!
3. The tokens hack  is created with the purpose of helping people and not to abuse of it by delivering unlimited amounts of tokens.

Increase Your Fanbase As A Camgirl With These Simple Tricks


Remember things about regulars. If they will come to your room regularly and they will talk to you and they will remember things about you. You are a big part of their day, even if to you they are just another way to make money, which I don’t think they should be, but even if you do see just dollar signs when you look at them you will want to maximize your earnings. You have to be nice with them, remember things about them, address them by their username, ask them questions. If it is their birthday wish them happy birthday. If they tell you things about their life, remember them, fetishes or kinks or whatever. They don’t want to be explaining to you every single time they come online what their fetishes are, they want you to remember. No one wants to be forgotten, part of your job is to make your client feel special and the very least that you can do is to remember some details about them. For example I had a guy who just likes to hang out and talk with me he is nothing about fetishes and sexuality. He had an accident of some sort and after that every time he came to my room I was looking worried, asking how is he feeling, are you better and stuff like that. It’s just human decency and little things like that are making a difference. They are investing time and money on you so you just need to be human with them.


If it’s a holiday like New Year’s Eve or Easter or Halloween or Christmas or anything like that, capitalize on them. If you are online on New Year’s Eve, celebrate online make a big deal of it, get some champagne and just have a drink and party with the guys. If it’s Halloween you may want to dress like a sexy witch or a black cat and have some Halloween games, maybe even decorate your house with pumpkins and stuff like that. There are lots of things you can do to make things appealing, fun and interesting for you and for your clients.

Number 1 Rule Of The Internet

The number 1 rule of the internet which I am not very good at is don’t feed the trolls. Sometimes you get like a twelve years old boy who finds his way into your room and says stupid things. It’s very easy to ignore or ban them, but… I don’t. I always rise to it, I’m all like “Excuse me? What did you just said?”. Happily, my customers just love it when I do it, they love watching me own people so I don’t think I am going to stop it completely especially because I am a dominatrix :), it’s part of my personality, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t sassy as fuck and always arguing with people. Sometimes I do turn it down and I think this person is here only to annoy me and I start to chill out. If someone really offends me I will get them a piece of my mind, but after I’ve set my piece just fucking ban them, kick them out of the room. All they will going to do is bring the mood down so if you must say your piece to them just say it but then just ban them. You don’t want negative people to be in your room. You regulars and other people will thank you for that.

Another Do’S And Dont’S For Webcam Models (Camgirlz)

Those shitty days

It happens sometimes to have a shitty day, some people have been nasty to you, everyone is ignoring you, you are hungry or even something in your personal life is stressing you out. It happens we all have really shitty days on cam. You end up wondering what is wrong with you, am I ugly, am I fat or why I am not making any money. It’s really tempting to stay there and stick out hoping to get something that day. Don’t do that. Usually, people will pick up on your mood. They can see that you are in a mood and they can sense this attitude about you. They are simply not going to tip you, they are not going to talk to you, they just going to leave your room putting you even in a worst mood. The longer you stay in a room without being tipped, your camscore will go down ( camscore is a feature on myfreecams.com ). This means that less traffic will get to your room. The more you stay on myfreecams without making money the more will camscore drop and then the worst the business will be in the future. It’s a real bitch to get that camscore back up. That being said, if you are in a mood, don’t stay there, just go and take a break, make some coffee, watch some TV, call your friends and then come back later and I promise it will be better.

Looking nice is easier done than said

Don’t look bad. It really surprises me when I click through other girls chatrooms and see that they didn’t bother to do their hair or they didn’t bother to put their make-up or wear something nice. I am not saying that you have to spend hours to get dressed up all the time. Just make a little bit of effort. It doesn’t matter how you look like, it doesn’t matter if you are fat, skinny, if you wear glasses, etc. There will always going to be someone who finds you attractive. It’s not about that, it’s about to look like you made an effort, look like you want to be there, a guy doesn’t want to watch you seeing slopping around with pony tails and tracksuit on, he wants you to think that you are happy to be there and you are happy to be with him. A part of that is to just make sure that you look a bit nice.

Promote yourself

Twitter. Twitter is your friend. Myfreecams don’t really do anything promotion wise and even the sites that do promote you they don’t do the best. The best promotional tool that you have is twitter. This job will teach you so much about marketing, like way more stuff than a marketing degree. So get a twitter account, you can build there a fanbase and tell people when you are going to be online create pictures of you, post provocative, suggestive pictures to encourage people to follow you and then drive traffic to your chatroom and it’s nice because people get to know your personality better as well because you tweet about things, make them laugh and stuff. It is really good thing to have and I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t have a twitter account.

Cam4 Hack 2017 – FREE CAM4 Tokens (Online Hack)

The cam4 hack 2017 it is the proper tool and the best created to-day that can generate legit free cam4 tokens. In order to achieve this a dedicated team of hackers did their best to create the best cam4 hack that you can find on the internet. Using our program you will have tokens into your account in seconds. While we initially delivered a program that had to be downloaded in order to generate the tokens, we advanced a bit and we also created an online version of the cam4 hack 2017. With the online version your account will be more safe and secure while generating the tokens.

How To Use The Cam4 Hack 2017

  • The online version

The online version of this cam4 hack 2017 is as simple as the downloadable version. On the hack page you will find 2 main tabs. On the first tab you need to enter your username exactly as it appears on your profile page. On the second tab you need to select the amount of tokens to add (up to 999 tokens). There is also an optional tab where you can choose your country. This is just in case the program does not work properly and you have to try by selecting your region.

  • The downloadable version

The downloadable version must be used from your pc. All you need to do after the program has finished downloading is to open it and select the amount of tokens to add (up to 1750 tokens). As you can expect you also need to enter your cam4 username. Next you need to click the big INJECT button in order to start the generating process.

While the downloadable version can generate more tokens at once, the online version generates less but it is far more reliable and trustworthy. We strongly recommend to use the online version of the cam4 tool.

In recent weeks an update of the cam4 hack 2017 has been released. The new version is posted on this cam4 token adder page. Follow the link to be able to get free cam4 tokens on a daily basis. The new version is 100% safe to use. You can also activate a proxy server to hide your IP. This cam4 tokens tool is regularly updated to maintain it a safe level.

CAM4 Hack 2017 Video Proof

Cam4 Token Hack – Cam4 Token Gratis by cam-tokens-generator

Basics You Need To Know Being A Camgirl – Do’s And Don’ts

The first thing you need to do in any camsite is to not type but talk instead. It can be difficult if you are a beginner. I used to be so scared to talk, I was typing with everyone. It is just not good, guys want to engage with you not just masturbate on a naked girl, they can do that with porn sites, they come to a cam site because they want there with them. The guys will really appreciate it and they will be thankful for that.

Don’t play music loud. Sometimes I look in other camgirlz rooms and it is hard to talk with them because I can hear this really loud music and it’s annoying for the guys and they probably leave you room.

Don’t waste the time replying to private messages. You can have 10-15 guys in the main room and in the same time other guys are interacting with you via private message. It is important to engage with them, but also you have to engage with the guys in the main room. You can say to the private messages to tip some tokens since you are wasting your time and energy to be there.

Be creative. Always try to do fun things because not all guys are for fantasies and fetishes. I had so many guys stopping me from doing kinky stuff by myself mainly because they were having a great time just by talking with me. One thing that I like to do is what I call the “cock rate“. I put a price let’s say on about 50 tokens and they guy is showing me his willy and I have to rate it from 1 to 10. Everybody loves this kind of thing. Even if you tell the truth about their small dick they will still love it. Average size guys just want to hear from a girl that they don’t have it too small. The big size guys are more egocentric and they want to hear exaggerated things about it. Nonetheless, they all love this game. Another game I play is telling them to ask you any question in the world in exchange of tokens. This allows them to ask you about your sexual fantasies and they help them to get sexually aroused. The point is that above everything you are an entertainer so play games, keep things moving.

Don’t moan. It is ok to moan sometimes, but keep it under 5 seconds ;). Sometimes I have a bad mood and I am pissed off about something, but when I am in the room I know that I have to be nice with guys. Maybe they already had a stressful day at work, they got a wife that is nagging them, kids that are stressing them out, they come on camsites to escape and get away from that. They want to forget about all these, they don’t want to remember them of they wives. It’s part of your job to be positive and add to their day somehow. Ask them questions, make them laugh, entertain them, whatever your style is just use it, maybe you are funny maybe your are teasing and sexual. If you are going to sit there and be negative and moaning, then camming is not the job for you. You need to remember that you are essentially performing a customer service job so you got to provide good customer service.

The Real Perks Of Being A Webcam Model

People choose the occupation of webcam modeling for many different reasons. I was tired of inefficient jobs that were getting me nowhere. I worked in a lot places when I was young and I was simply feeling that I am getting nowhere. There’s really no room to move up and who want to be a manager of a fast food store or of a shoes store. We take jobs to live our lives, but in the end our job becomes our live. after a while I started to realize that I really don’t want to be a fast food manager. So I decided to go to school. The problem was that I did not make enough money to go to school. I had the option to work for multiple, low paying jobs. it is easy to get discouraged on this surroundings. After a while I was having money to pay for school, but I did not have enough money to pay for books and I knew that i will fail the class. Add that to the tiredness of getting orders from anyone, tired to have bosses to tell me what to do. So… I decided that I don’t want a boss anymore.

Working As A Webcam Model With Agencies

In webcam modeling even if you work for an agency you don’t get the atmosphere of a boss – worker thing, usually bosses in the webcam industry are like your friends. The do not tell you what hours to work, they don’t tell you what to say on camera what what not to say, you have the free will of doing whatever you want and whenever you want. They allow you to be your own boss. Working for an agency I created my own schedule, to be as successful as I want to be. I have a lot of clients and friends who are saying that I am very good at my job, that I am very welcoming and they enjoy my company, they enjoy to buy my “product”. Therefore it is clearly that I have all the reasons to enjoy my job. It may sound weird, but I do this job not only for money it is also a good boredom killer for me, I do it even when I am feeling bored. How many people have the chance to say: “I am so bored, I want to go back to work.” I don’t see this as a job anymore, I meet incredible people who make me laugh, we share stories, have fun and in the meantime I am also making money. Sometimes I miss my members and I just go back to them and talk to them.

Webcam Modeling Offers You A Brighter Future

The best part about this job is that despite of all of the things that I had to endure growing up, this is the first time that I ever had hope for my future. In any other jobs you have to deal with co-workers, deal with your bosses, maybe he is not liking you, but with webcam modeling, I can put as much time and effort as I want to. In other jobs you have to wait for someone to give you your schedule. i can work all week or I can work one day per week. I make as much money as I want to make. I now have hope for what I want to do, I can go to school now and not to worry anymore about not having money to buy books, I can go to a movie with my friends and worry about not being able to afford my groceries. Before I started webcam modeling I was not paying rents, I was living at somebody else’s house. After a month of webcam modeling I was able to live in my very own apartment. This job gave me a lot of opportunities that I didn’t have before. Not just that, it is not the means to an end, I love my job, I am able to express myself I don’t feel ashamed for being a human and having human feelings like sexual drive, I am able to experience what people like what they’re interested in, more than just sexually.