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Last But Not Least Things You Need to Know As A Camgirl

Do not get drunk on the camera. When it’s the weekend I usually have a bottle of wine. I like it because often people in my room will also have a drink as well and it’s just nice to hangout and have a drink with them. It’s weekend and it’s a reason for celebrating. If you are having a drink you can sometimes say to people: “20 tokens buys me a drink“, and then every time you get twenty tokens you take a sip of your wine. It may be a good way to make money. I’ve also seen other girls filling empty bottles of vodka with water and then charge people like one hundred tokens for a shot of “vodka“. People want to get you drunk because they feel that you are going to get naked quicker and you’re lose all of your inhibitions. Just don’t do real shots of vodka because that’s stupid. Don’t get really blind drunk on cam, don’t actually do loads of shots of vodka or if they are tipping you to take sips of your drink then when you fell yourself getting tipsy, you just say it is enough and just slow down for a bit. There is nothing attractive about a drunk camgirl on cam. I have seen camgirlz having meltdowns online, I’ve seen them crying, shouting that they hate their jobs. In general being drunk and sloppy is not sexy and guys know that’s not sexy.

All that may happen if you have a drunk meltdown or do something embarrassing is that your ass is going to get recorded and you are going to be all over the internet. It is also not responsible, even if it a Saturday night, even if you are drinking wine you have to remember you are still at work, you still have to be capable of doing your job properly. Camming is a good job for so many reasons, and one of the reason is if you want to you can have a couple of drinks and listen to your favorite music, you can have a laugh with people, but nonetheless with that comes a responsibility to yourself and to the people in your chatroom and also for the camsite that you are working for.

If you are a camgirl and you want to share your opinion or add something to my posts, please do so in the comment section. It will help not only me, but maybe other camgirlz. Thank you.

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