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Read This Before You Start Working As A Cam Girl

To be fully eligible to work as cam girl you first need to be over eighteen years old. If you are already older than you should consider to take the next steps in order to have a better rate of success.

A Webcam

Every one who has a decent success in this business has it because of the electronic equipment that they use. Most important of all is the web camera that you need to broadcast yourself. As better the quality as more satisfied the client will be. Some do not pay too much attention to this, maybe not even clients, but it will clearly make a difference between choosing you and choosing someone else to pay for a private show. You can get away with something decent, not the most expensive webcam. If you are thinking to make money with the integrated camera on the laptop than it will need to the best show in the world to get a good rating for it.

An Internet Connection

The upload speed of your internet service provider is the one that matters a lot as well in this type of business. However, sometimes the client would also want to turn on the camera and if this is the case you may also need a better internet connection with both upload and download speed. An extra piece of equipment would be the microphone. The microphone would be that kind of thing which is the less important but the most expensive. It may make a difference in some cases, but you could be able to satisfy enough a client without a microphone. As far as I am concerned these are sold at a higher price than the actual web cam. Sounds good right?

You also need… You

What I mean is that you need to make yourself looking nice. It may sound superficial, but you definitely need to use make up. No matter how good looking you are, it will improve your looks. There are some people that actually are requesting girls without make up, but if you rely only on them I am not sure about the earnings.

Simple Things Are The Best

In cam girl industry you will need to use a name that has nothing to do with you real name. You also need to think about an easy to remember name. Usually short and simple ones are the best. You may also find a sexy one which could help even more (not pussylicking or anything like that). The best way to dress is… to dress simple. Nobody wants to see a body covered up with clothes. Use the type of clothes that don’t show everything, but they show enough to get a users going.

Extra Thoughts And Extra Equipment

You may or you may not already know that the worst part in working as a cam girl is that you may get noticed by someone you know. To prevent this you can use extreme things as a wig. But this may complicate things for you and also could make an awkward performance if your wig is noticeable during your shows.