Those shitty days

It happens sometimes to have a shitty day, some people have been nasty to you, everyone is ignoring you, you are hungry or even something in your personal life is stressing you out. It happens we all have really shitty days on cam. You end up wondering what is wrong with you, am I ugly, am I fat or why I am not making any money. It’s really tempting to stay there and stick out hoping to get something that day. Don’t do that. Usually, people will pick up on your mood. They can see that you are in a mood and they can sense this attitude about you. They are simply not going to tip you, they are not going to talk to you, they just going to leave your room putting you even in a worst mood. The longer you stay in a room without being tipped, your camscore will go down ( camscore is a feature on ). This means that less traffic will get to your room. The more you stay on myfreecams without making money the more will camscore drop and then the worst the business will be in the future. It’s a real bitch to get that camscore back up. That being said, if you are in a mood, don’t stay there, just go and take a break, make some coffee, watch some TV, call your friends and then come back later and I promise it will be better.

Looking nice is easier done than said

Don’t look bad. It really surprises me when I click through other girls chatrooms and see that they didn’t bother to do their hair or they didn’t bother to put their make-up or wear something nice. I am not saying that you have to spend hours to get dressed up all the time. Just make a little bit of effort. It doesn’t matter how you look like, it doesn’t matter if you are fat, skinny, if you wear glasses, etc. There will always going to be someone who finds you attractive. It’s not about that, it’s about to look like you made an effort, look like you want to be there, a guy doesn’t want to watch you seeing slopping around with pony tails and tracksuit on, he wants you to think that you are happy to be there and you are happy to be with him. A part of that is to just make sure that you look a bit nice.

Promote yourself

Twitter. Twitter is your friend. Myfreecams don’t really do anything promotion wise and even the sites that do promote you they don’t do the best. The best promotional tool that you have is twitter. This job will teach you so much about marketing, like way more stuff than a marketing degree. So get a twitter account, you can build there a fanbase and tell people when you are going to be online create pictures of you, post provocative, suggestive pictures to encourage people to follow you and then drive traffic to your chatroom and it’s nice because people get to know your personality better as well because you tweet about things, make them laugh and stuff. It is really good thing to have and I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t have a twitter account.